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Steel Plate
High Performance and Quality Respond to Domestic and International Demands Steel plates normally stand for steel plates 6mm or thicker and are made by hot-rolling a semiproduct slab 200mm or thicker and then through follow-up processes such as cooling or heat treatment. Steel plates ramify into products for general structure, welding, boiler or large-diameter steel pipes depending on material. Hyundai Steel possesses an annual steel plate production capacity of 3.5 million tons at Dangjin Integrated Steelworks and is equipped with latest equipment such as heat treatment equipment. Also, with classification of ultralow-temperature and high-performance steel plates certified from Russia, France, etc. in the first Korean instance, the company's production capacity for high-quality products is recognized throughout the world.

Product Classification/Uses

  • Shipbuilding
    The product for regular classification and high tensile steel are manufactured with approval on the method of production from classification societies in different countries. The product has characteristically high strength, low temperature toughness, and high heat input welding to respond to customer requirements such as sophistication and diversification of quality in accordance with the recent trend for making lightweight ships. It is mostly used for bulkheads, upper decks and hatch covers of tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and LNG carriers.

    - Major Products
    A, B, D, E, AH/DH/EH 32,36, AH/DH/EH 32, 36-TM
  • Pressure Vessels
    The product possesses outstanding thermal resistance and corrosion resistance as it is frequently used under high pressure environment. Built into products for high temperature, intermediate temperature, low temperature, and very low temperature as uses are classified according to temperature, it is mostly used for gas tanks, crude oil storage containers, boilers, heat exchangers, and power generation equipment.

    - Major Products
    A203, A285, A353, A387, A516, A515, A537, A537-NOR
  • General/Welded Structures
    The product finds expanded uses as structures are getting bigger and taller. It is mostly used for bridges, industrial machines, construction, and marine structures.

    - Major Products
    40KG, 50KG, 60KG
  • Pipelines
    As a steel material with high strength and outstanding low temperature toughness or weldability, it is used for production of pipelines such as steel pipes, tubing & casing, and marine structure steel pipes for mass transport of crude oil and natural gas.

    - Major Products
    API-5L B-L1, API-X52M-L2, API-X60M-L2, API-X70M-L2

Product applications

  • [LNG carrier]

  • [bridge]

  • [oil pipeline]
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