Carbon Neutral Roadmap

As a move to meet carbon emission reduction requirement under the NDC target of the government, Hyundai Steel has set a goal of minimizing carbon costs through optimal reduction of company-wide carbon emissions and established a two-route strategy.
The essence of our strategy is to reduce carbon footprint using our best know-how related to electric arc furnace, and to establish a carbon neutral manufacturing system for automobile steel products by introducing New EAF.

Route 1 is to achieve 'Carbon Neutral Production Process' aimed at minimizing risks associated with technology, facility, investment, and profit.
The Company will improve processes, use low carbon raw materials, and make an energy transition in phases so as to control our emissions in line with the government's NDC target. Route 2 is 'Low Carbonization of Products' using electric arc furnaces, so that we can make timely responses to the trade barrier of CBAM(Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) and customers' demands.

For this, Hyundai Steel introduced a new low carbon steel manufacturing system named 'Hy-Cube' and is implementing a mid-to long-term technology roadmap. Based on this two-route strategy, Hyundai Steel will establish and implement detailed action plans and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.