Ethics Charter

  • Contribute to the Nation and Society
    We contribute to the development of national economy through steady creation of employment and unfailing payment of taxes.

    We take the initiative in environmental protection by strictly complying with various environment related laws while contributing to the society through cultural and welfare projects.
  • Promoting Rights and Interests of Customers and Shareholders
    We promote the rights and interests of customers with best products and services while carefully managing customer information.

    We preserve and increase the assets of shareholders by consistently improving the company's financial structure with maximized managerial efficiency.
  • Human Respect and Fostering of Talents
    We establish a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding by respecting individual employees as independent human beings and also make our best effort to prevent sexual harassment at workplace.

    We make active efforts to cultivate ethical awareness of employees and provide systematic support from a long-term perspective to foster employees into self-regulated and creative talents.
  • Establishing Companionship with Our Partners
    We provide active support to ensure mutual growth by securing international competitiveness through technical support and management guidance on our partners.

    We make sure that business with our partners is done on an equal footing and do not make any unreasonable demand by taking advantage of a superior status in any way, shape, or form.
  • Establishing Managerial Transparency
    We handle all business operations by rigorous standards and establish a corporate culture of integrity trusted by people by maintaining fair business relationships to guarantee mutual benefits under transparent conditions with all business partners including customers and client companies.

    We reject soliciting in all its forms that may compromise fairness in relation to the duties from all interested parties and will not receive any unreasonable benefits.