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R&D Center

Birthplace of World’s Best Steel Product
Hyundai Steel R&D Center is engaged in various research and development activities with the goal of developing the best technology. Research is continued to develop customized automobile steel plates with high strength and high formability for making automobiles lightweight and to secure competitiveness in the global automobile market. Hyundai Steel R&D Center is also accelerating the development of high-quality energy steel materials for cold regions, impact resistance, and thick steel plate as well as the development of high-strength steel plates for high temperature. At the same time, the Center is striving to develop molding, welding, and anticorrosion technologies that have adopted product optimization as well as earthquake-proof high-strength sections for construction which are essential for high-rises. In addition, the Center works in research and development of total solutions designed to solve all problems related to the use of new materials such as development of interpretation and analysis techniques including the support of parts processing technology to facilitate customers' use of products through latest steel manufacturing process simulation and analysis facilities.
Research Building, Integrated Development Center, Iron Making Test Center, Rolling Test Center
Details of Research and Test
No. Building Research & Experiment Details Main Equipment
1 Research Building Precision analysis of raw ingredients and materials / Internationally certified testing center (KOLAS) TEM and some 110 items
2 Integrated Development Center Research on customer technologies including simulated test of steel manufacturing process & welding and molding / Research on environmental energy technology 1,000-ton servo press and some 250 items
3 Iron Making Experiment Center Quality evaluation of fuel or raw materials and simulated test of iron making process / Research of new iron manufacturing technology Sintering/ cokes simulation equipment and some 30 items of evaluation equipment
4 Rolling Experiment Center Simulation test on the development of new steel types and decomposition analysis of automobiles Rolling simulation equipment and some 10 items