Product Technology

Fields of R&D

Fields of Technological Research

    Iron making technology, steel manufacturing technology, hot rolling technology, control & measurement, steel plate technology
    Sheet development, steel plate development, application for automobile, rod-type steel development, roll development
    Technology strategy, technical operations, material analysis, process improvement
    Energy technology, environmental technology

Product Development Areas

  • Steel Material for Automobiles
    Development of high-value-added products
    such as ultra-high strength steel plates for
    automobiles and round bar for automotive parts
    through joint research of Hyundai & Kia Motors
  • Steel Material for Marine Structures and Ships
    Development of energy steel materials with
    improved strength, low-temperature impact
    toughness, welding performance etc. designed
    to be appropriate for severe environment and
    structural characteristics as well as steel
    materials for basic marine structures and ships
  • Energy Steel Material
    Development of high-value-added steel
    materials used for gas and oil extraction,
    transport, and storage facilities based on high
  • Steel Material for Architecture and Construction
    Development of high-performance products and
    technology such as reinforcing bar and H-
    section that have improved earthquake-
    resistance for safe construction and convenient
    design based on technology and know-how
    accumulated over a long period of time

Basic Research

HYUNDAI STEEL works in raw material quality analysis, product property evaluation and new product development, using more than 150 items of hi-tech analysis equipment. The company is also serving as a general material analysis center for Hyundai Motors Group and client companies.