Health Management

Hyundai Steel manages diverse programs for the health management for the employees and their family.

Employee Health Management = Health Clinic + Psychological Counseling Center + Checkup / Vaccination

  • Health Clinic

    HYUNDAI STEEL takes the initiative in the health management of employees by operating an advanced health care system (treatment, disease prevention and management) such as doctor's specialized care, clinical laboratory, and exercise & physical therapy room.

    • Physical therapy department
      [Physical therapy department]
    • Sport therapy department
      [Sport therapy department]
    • Clinical pathology department
      [Clinical pathology department]
  • Psychological Counseling Center

    • Psychological Counseling Center Stress may have negative impact on many areas including family, personal relationships and organizations as well as personal mental health. HYUNDAI STEEL is operating a psychological counseling center to help employees relieve stress and overcome their emotional problems.

      - Dangjin Integrated Steelworks: "Gruteogi", an in-company psychological counseling center
        - Incheon & Pohang Steelworks: Consigned operation of an outside psychological counseling center
  • Checkup / Vaccination

    • Checkup / Vaccination We are performing periodic general health checkups for the prevention of diseases in employees and their family members while supporting vaccination for major diseases such as flu.

      - General health checkup for employees and family
      - General/special health checkups
      - Vaccination for epidemic diseases such as flu