Environment and Energy Management Policies

HYUNDAI STEEL has set up and practices environmental policies considering environmental impact on local community

Environmental and Energy Management Policies


  1. ① Strictly observe environment-related laws and proactively deal with consolidated and newly established environmental controls
  2. ② Recognize the environment as the priority factor for management strategy and strive to improve competitiveness through harmony with other management factors
  3. ③ Continue to prevent environmental pollution and promote environmental improvement
  4. ④ Prevent the occurrence of secondary contamination by effectively recycling by-products created from production activities
  5. ⑤ Participate actively in environmental improvement and preservation activities in the region with stakeholders such as local residents

Environment and Energy Management Promoting Organization

  • CEO
    • Seoul Office
      • Environmental & Energy Management Team
    • Incheon Works
      • Incheon) Environmental Management Team
    • Dangjin Steelworks
      • Environmental Management Team
      • Resource Recycling Team
      • Irrigation Facility Team
      • Environmental Technology Management Team
      • Environmental Support Team
    • Pohang Works
      • Pohang) Safety Management Team
    • Suncheon Works
      • Safety & Environment Team