Safety-Focused Management Initiative

HYUNDAI STEEL will fulfill a happy life for individuals and corporate social responsibility through safety-focused management.

Vision | Creating a safe steelworks lasting 100 years

Safety & Health Policy
Safety & Health Policy
  1. ① Set up an effective safety and health management system by giving priority to safety and health in all areas of business operations.
  2. ② Set safety and health goals and specific objectives related to Safety & Health Policy and establish and carry out an implementation plan.
  3. ③ Enhance safety and health capability of employees and stakeholders and their on-the-job usability through an effective safety and health training that comprises planning, execution, evaluation, and feedback of the training program.
  4. ④ Strictly comply with safety and health related laws and requirements for safety and health management system.
  5. ⑤ Evaluate the validity and ensure continued improvement through company-wide participation.
  • Safety First Management

    The company management shares the goal of 'safety as first priority of management' with all executives and employees and engages in various activities to implement 'everyone's participation in safety'. The company increases communication with worksites by implementing regular management-level safety council and interaction-oriented meetings while leading the effort to make improvement on the risk factors in the factory through regular and irregular safety patrols.

    • Operating regular council
      [Operating regular council]
    • Safety patrol of worksites
      [Safety patrol of worksites]
    • Interaction-oriented safety meetings
      [Interaction-oriented safety meetings]
Safe Companionship
Hyundai Steel, Residing collaborating companies, Outsourcing +Contractor + Logistic company, Construction company HYUNDAI STEEL takes responsibility to ensure safety of all employees and everyone entering its places of business by expanding safety management eligibility beyond legal responsibility to cover social responsibility.
HYUNDAI STEEL practices corporate social responsibility through win-win partnership with all its partner companies under the motto of “safe companionship” while improving the safety standard of its partners with unsparing support by forming a separate organization designed for companionship with partners.

Details of Progress
  • - Operation of interaction-oriented council: Safety-focused management committee, regular council
  • - Operation of partnership and cooperation program and technical guidance for risk assessment
  • - Implementation of joint safety inspection and upgraded safety inspection of worksites