Eco-Friendly Facilities

HYUNDAI STEEL has introduced a 'enclosed raw materials processing system' into the entire process from the unloading to transport and storage of raw materials in order to prevent loss of raw materials and protect the environment while procuring and operating various recycling equipment to recycle by-products such as slag or dust created in the production process.

Raw Material Processing Facility Flow Chart

Sea Transported Raw Materials - Enclosed Continuous Unloader - Enclosed Belt Conveyor - Enclosed Raw Materials Site - Enclosed Belt Conveyor - Post Processing

Enclosed Unloading Equipment

  • Equipment Overview
    Equipment that continuously unloads raw materials from the ship that has approached the pier
  • Effects
    Prevents scattering dust and dropping ore
Sealed Type Belt Conveyor - Continuous Unloader

Enclosed Belt Conveyor

  • Equipment Overview
    An equipment that supplies unloaded raw materials to the storage facilities or follow-up processes such as sintering, cokes, limestone calcination, and blast furnace
  • Effects
    Minimizes scattering dust

Enclosed Raw Materials Storage Facility

  • Equipment Overview
    A circular or linear enclosed raw materials treatment facility storing the raw materials unloaded from the raw materials pier
  • Effects
    Minimizes creation of scattering dust and muddy water
Circular Form / Linear Form

Slag Processing Equipment

  • Equipment Overview
    Equipment that recovers base metal by crushing/fineness sorting the blast furnace and steel making slag to produce slag aggregates for engineering work and for concrete
  • Effects
    Recycling of the slag created from the steelworks

Briquet Forming Facility

  • Briquette Molding Equipment
    Equipment that molds dust or sludge that has recycling value to be used as substitution materials for steel making ingredient
  • Effects
    Reinvigorated reuse in process of the by-products created at the steelworks
Mixer (feed supplementary material)→Lubricator

Brick Molding Equipment

  • Equipment Overview
    Equipment that recycles dust or sludge created from the steelworks, or molds them properly for uses such as dumping or burial
  • Effects
    Reuse of by-products in the process and safe processing
1. Measuring/mixing 2. Brick forming 3.Loading/transport 4.Curing 5.Shipping

Self-Contained Burying Equipment

  • Equipment Overview
    Equipment (managed burying facility) that safely disposes of wastes that cannot be recycled any more or designated wastes that include harmful ingredients
  • Effects
    Safe disposal of harmful wastes
Car Wash Facility, Containment Facility, Leachate drain, Leachate well and gas capture well, Rainwater separation facility