Introduction of Accompanies Growth

Partnered Growth Promotion Policy of HYUNDAI STEEL

Companies can create greater value when they cooperate, communicating with and supporting one another. Convinced that building up a partnership with partners is the key to partnered growth, HYUNDAI STEEL is reinforcing the competitiveness of its partner companies by supporting their technology, accounting, training, etc. HYUNDAI STEEL will build up an organic partnership to promote coexistence and prosperity with partner companies in continuing its coexistence-focused management designed to ensure the growth and viability of the partners.

Partnership, the Driving Force of Growth

HYUNDAI STEEL thinks that building up a partnership with partner companies is the key to partnered growth. Based on the philosophy that greater value can be created when we cooperate and communicate through the partnership with partner companies, we are operating various exchange activities and support programs for building up partnership with the employees of our partner and client companies.

Pursuing Long-Term Coexistence through Partner Company Support Program

HYUNDAI STEEL is operating various support programs including financial soundness, improvement of payment conditions, joint technological development, enhancing capability, etc., for coexistence-focused cooperation with its partner companies. The company is equipped with a basis for coexistence-focused cooperation by building up a partnered growth support system within the company to introduce and comply with four subcontracting guidelines. The company is also operating a systematic program on support funds, payment conditions, improvement on payment deadline, technological support, training support, HR support, partner company recruit support, etc., while holding briefing sessions periodically for communicating with partner companies.