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Reinforcing Bar
Developed the high performance and eco-friendly rebar for the safety of the buildings With the same shape as rounded steel bar used as construction material, reinforcing bar registers powerful concrete adhesion with longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs on the surface. Mostly used for construction and engineering structure, reinforcing bars with sizes as varied as HYUNDAI STEEL D10-57mm are manufactured at Incheon, Dangjin and Pohang Steelworks. HYUNDAI STEEL develops and manufactures high-performance, high-functionality, and eco-friendly reinforcing bars designed to improve safety and quality of structures. Especially, HYUNDAI STEEL is expanding the sales of high-value-added products such as reinforcing bars for welding, ultra high strength reinforcing bars (SD 500/600), threaded reinforcing bars, and earthquake-proof reinforcing bars. Lately, the company is expanding market share, even when low-priced imported products are encroaching on the domestic market.

Product Classification/Uses

  • Ultra High Strength Reinforcing Bar
    This is a product that has minimum yield strength of 50kg/mm2. It is used for special structures such as high-rise buildings or super-long span bridges, and demand for the product is increasing lately.

    - Major Products
    SD500, SD600, SD700
  • General (Deformed) Reinforcing Bar
    As a product in the form of a long rod with round cross section, it raises the strength of concrete buildings using reinforcing bars by effectively combining with concrete during construction work with ribs on the surface. Mainly used as construction material or for engineering structures, the product is frequently seen in our daily life.

    - Major Products
    SD300, SD400
  • Threaded Reinforcing Bar
    Unlike ordinary reinforcing bars, the product has spiral ribs as with a screw without longitudinal ribs. The product is widely used for high-rise buildings that frequently apply 'modular construction,' as it registers high economic efficiency and stability in connection by using couplers in assembly unlike regular reinforcing bars.

    - Major Products
    SD400, SD500, SD600
  • Seismic Reinforcing Bars
    This product have excellent performance with limited maximum yield strength, maximum yield ratio and excellent elongation. It is expected to improve seismic performance for various office building, housing and civil structure.

    - Major Products
    SD400S, SD500S, SD600S
  • Welding Reinforcing Bar
    Unlike regular reinforcing bars, the product is designed to maximize carbon content and carbon equivalent (Ceq). It is used for reinforcing bar connection to guarantee the performance of structures that require welding.

    - Major Products
    SD400W, SD500W

Product applications

  • [Threaded reinforcing bars]

  • [construction site using reinforcing bars 1]

  • [construction site using reinforcing bars 2]
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