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Special Steel
Development and Supply of High-Purity, High-Strength, and High-Durability Special Steel Special Steel is classified into various types depending on its composition and form. HYUNDAI STEEL classifies carbon steel as alloy steel that contains alloys and special elements including manganese and chromium and has low content of impurities such as phosphorus, sulfur, and copper compared to common steel. These round bars are classified into steel rod 22㎜ or thicker and wire rod 22㎜ or thinner depending on the form. HYUNDAI STEEL is constructing round bar factory with an annual production capacity of one million tons in Dangjin Integrated Steelworks with the goal of developing special steel products with high purity, high strength, and high durability.

Product Classification/Uses

  • Automotive Industry
    With the characteristics of high strength and high durability, the product is mostly used for parts in engine or power train that transmit the power of engine to the drive shaft. It has various types depending on the added alloy and they are used as structural parts through post-processing and heat treatment such as forging or drawing.
  • Industrial Machinery
    As a product used for machine tool parts, etc., it has created a variety of products ranging from products with similar characteristics such as round bar for automobiles to low carbon steel with low carbon content. It turns into mechanical components through post-processing and heat treatment such as forging or drawing.
  • Heavy Machinery
    The product has high hardness and excellent wear resistance as a product mostly used for pin, pin bush, and linker that are assembled into the track of an excavator. Materials of hard steel or better materials with high carbon content are normally used.

    - Major Products
    LINK : 15B37M, PIN : S43BC, BUSH : SCr440B

Product applications

  • [Automobile engine parts]

  • [LINK]

  • [Crank Shaft]
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