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Steel Pipe
Hot-rolled steel plates are rollformed into circular pipes and processed into Electric Resis-tance Welded pipes according to different specifications (OD, thickness, and material). Although most Steel Pipe are circular, some may be processed to be angulated into diferent shapes including square form. Steel Pipe are categorized into ERW type and SAW type depending on the manufacturing method. Our Steel Pipe products, the result of our superior knowledge and expertise, have been utilized for multiple purposes, from base materials for construction to infrastructure, thereby contributing to the industrial development of the nation. In particular, they are used exten-sively in various industries as waste water pipes, city gas pipes, pipes for construction sites, base materials for civil engineering projects, parts for automobiles, and parts for ships.
※ Main Products : Plumbing pipes, line pipes, OCTGs, pipes for computer systems, Steel Pipes for structures, Steel Pipe piles, and stainless steel Steel Pipes

Product applications

  • steelpipe2
    [Steel Pipes for structures]
  • steelpipe3
    [Gwangandaegyo Bridge constructed with Steel Pipe piles]
    ※ Steel Pipe piles prop up the loads by filling the inside with concrete or on their own.
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