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Coffee Grounds Recycling Project

As part of its eco-friendly social contribution program, Hyundai Steel is continuing with the “Coffee Grounds Recycling Project.” Launched in 2018, this project has set up a resource circulation system where we collect coffee grounds generated in Incheon and upcycle them into eco-friendly innovative products (flower pots, bricks, road pavers, etc.) through cooperation with the government, local governments, and NGOs (Non-governmental organizations"), thereby contributing to reducing waste in the local community and creating jobs for the vulnerable. In addition, we’ve decided to support a research project focusing on reducing odor in livestock farms using coffee grounds and their recycling and signed related agreements with the Ministry of Environment, Incheon City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea Productivity Center, and the Environmental Foundation to expand the coffee ground recycling business and develop a stable business model.

Coffee Grounds Recycling Project
Coffee Grounds Recycling Project
Business contribution Social contribution
Created a favorable business environment and enhanced our eco-friendly corporate image

• 2020: Held a conference (Incheon City participated, over 45 published)
• 2021: Ran Public awareness campaign at 3 major subway stations, Signed MOU with 6   organizations including MOE, Incheon City, Gyeongbuk Province, etc. to develop odor   reduction technology for livestock farms using coffee grounds
• 2022:
- Coffee Grounds Recycling Contest: Selected 7 companies and supported a total of KRW   40 million in product research and development expenses and signed an agreement to   provide coffee grounds free of charge
- Improved company image for recycling (240+ article impressions)
Support for waste recycling and commercialization

• 2021: 384 cafes participated, collected an average of 15 tons per month, 14 local jobs   created, supplied 6 tons of coffee grounds for research on reducing livestock odor in   Gyeongbuk Province (to be expanded in 2022)
• 2022: 69 cafes participating, 15 tons collected per month on average, 34 local jobs created.
* Total cumulative collection volume of 540 tons and landfill cost savings of KRW 315   million
  (2018- end of 2022, based on a landfill cost of KRW 583 thousand per ton)
<Domestic CSR Activities>
H Steel Atelier - Steel Public Art Project

Hyundai Steel has implemented the "H Steel Atelier-Steel Public Art Project," a social contribution project to establish cultural infrastructure in local communities and provide opportunities for cultural and artistic activities to budding and young artists. In 2018 and 2019, H-Steel Atelier installed a total of five sculptures at the Samsunsan Arboretum in Dangjin and four sculptures at the Suncheon Bay Ecological and Cultural Education Center, respectively. In 2023, the project, concepted "Steel Dream Road," is held under the themes of "Heritage (hope for a sustainable future) - Humanity (respect for human beings and people-oriented culture) - Harmony (harmony with the surrounding environment)" in conjunction with three pillars of sustainability management. The selected four sculptures were installed in Songdo Central Park, located in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon.

Incheon Suncheon Dangjin
<Overseas CSR Activities>
India Energy Efficient School Project

Hyundai Steel has been implementing the “Energy Efficient School” project with World Vision, an international relief and development NGO, for schools in the Chennai and Anantapur regions of India. This project spans from 2023 to 2026. We plan to install eco-friendly solar power generation facilities in schools near our Chennai and Anantapur subsidiaries, creating a diverse learning environment. We support a stable electricity supply by renovating electricity facilities within schools and installing eco-friendly solar infrastructure to prevent frequent power outages due to chronic power shortages. We are also committed to creating a safe and clean environment where local children can focus on learning, in this regard, we support student safety and hygiene by installing solar streetlights, constructing drainage facilities, distributing toilets, and providing high-efficiency stoves.

 India Energy Efficient School Project