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H-Section for Architectural Structure(SHN)

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Lately, as large-scale earthquakes occur with increased frequency, the development of construction materials to minimize and prevent earthquake damage is drawing spotlight throughout the world. With Korea's best electric arc technology, HYUNDAI STEEL has developed earthquake-resistant H-section for architectural structure (SHN, Steel ‘H-Section’ New) based on its know-how for manufacturing H-section products accumulated since the company produced Korea's first H-section 1982. HYUNDAI STEEL is leading the steel material market for high-performance building structures, becoming the first Korean company to supply H-section for building structures to the construction of Jangbogo Station in South Pole and the coal-based thermoelectric power plant in Bogota, Columbia.

Product Features

  • Improves safety of buildings during the earthquake from having satisfactory impact absorbing ability
  • Maximizes effect of earthquake-proof design as the building moves as intended by the designer by setting maximum value of strength
  • Improves reliability of welds compared to ordinary sections by managing optimum alloy ratio

Product applications

  • [The Jang Bogo Station]

  • [Seoul IFC Mall]

  • [Songdo G-Tower]
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