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Donation and Sponsorship Policy

Donation and Sponsorship Policy

All donations and sponsorship provided by the company must be compatible with our business activities and operate in an ethical manner. Companies that are experiencing legal or financial conflicts or are affiliated with a particular political party or organization are not eligible for donations and sponsorship. In this regard, the following donation and sponsorship policies are established and operated.

  1. Scope
    1. This policy applies to all employees and third parties of companies in all countries or regions and should be communicated to them at the appropriate time from the beginning of the business relationship.
  2. Operation plan
    1. Corporate charitable donations are only possible if:
      • Comply with applicable law
      • Not for improper business benefits
      • It is done through a properly established charity, and the donation should be clearly for charitable purposes.
    2. Sponsorship may not be provided without authorization to the rightful acquirer.
    3. No employee may provide monetary payments or other contributions to political parties, political entrants or candidates under the conditions of employment.
    4. Donations or sponsorships shall not be made or provided in connection with auctions, tenders, contract renewals or future business relationships. The Company also does not make charitable donations or sponsorship contracts as a means to obtain favorable conditions from the organization or its affiliates / related parties.
  3. Obligations
    1. Make sure that donations and sponsors meet ethical policies such as anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies.
    2. All donations and sponsorship shall be reported and approved by the acquirer. Records of all donations and sponsorship should be retained for future audits.
    3. In the event of a violation of the above policy, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action and may be dismissed as a serious offense.
    4. All employees are responsible for reading, understanding and complying with the policy. No action should be taken to violate or violate this policy.
    5. This policy is managed in conjunction with the company's anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies, donations, invitations and hospitality policies, interest conflict policies, purchasing policies and codes of ethics.
  4. Governance
    1. The Board has a duty to ensure that this policy complies with our legal and ethical obligations and that all persons under our control are in compliance.

Record on Enactment and Revision
Donation and Sponsorship Policy Enacted in May, 2019
Donation and Sponsorship Policy Revised in May, 2021

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