Win-Win Growth Program

Technical Support

HYUNDAI STEEL is promoting joint development through support on the partner companies and the technical cooperation recognizing that the enhanced technical competitiveness of a partner company is an important factor to consolidate the competitiveness of company.

  • Transfer of Technology
    Transfer of work standards related to product design and processing technology, briefing session of steel material usage technology or coping and improvement guidance on consumer SQ evaluation
  • Joint R&D
    Extended participation of small and medium enterprises in joint R&D project of industry-university/government
  • New Product Development Support
    Extended support of new product development
  • Patent Application Support
    Support of application fee sharing and payment by proxy during the joint application of patent
  • Use of technical data escrow for protecting core technology of partner companies
    Partner company application submission inquiries for technical data escrow: Sustainability Management Team

Educational Training

HYUNDAI STEEL is performing outside consignment training, management training, technical training and labor training on the employees of partner companies.

  • Management Training
    Invited seminar of partner companies, CEO and manager training, partner company capability improvement training, information security training
  • Technical Training
    Technological trend and new technology instruction, technical exchange sessions using steel
  • Labor Training
    Labor Act amendment status
  • Safety Training
    Exemplary person of safety award on outstanding partner companies, joint acquisition of safety and health management system (KOSHA 18001) certification

Joint Recruitment for Partner Companies

We support partner companies’ recruitment through an exclusive job opening website for partner companies of HYUNDAI STEEL.

  • Introduction of System
    Establishment of an exclusive job opening webpage for partner companies of Hyundai Steel within the Job World portal site of the Industrial Bank of Korea (※ IBK Job World: Free employment portal site specialized in small and medium enterprises)
  • Eligible beneficiaries
    partner companies of HYUNDAI STEEL
  • How to Use the Service
    Join partner company membership → register recruiting announcement → search for job seekers → register successful candidates
  • Contact
    Job World Customer Center +82-2-6322-5360
Support of Partner Company Recruiting Support Expo : HYUNDAI STEEL supports partner companies in recruiting outstanding talents by encouraging partner companies of HYUNDAI STEEL to participate in the recruiting expo of partnered growth committee