Win-Win Growth Program

HYUNDAI STEEL’s Shared Growth Program

We firmly believe that shared growth is rooted in solid partnerships with partner companies, so we are supporting our partner companies with various programs to enhance their competitiveness. Since it signed a shared growth agreement with the Korea Fair Trade Commission in 2011, the company has received evaluations on the specifics of its shared growth support for the partner companies each year. Hyundai Steel will continue its efforts to develop plans to strengthen competitiveness by diligently performing the shared growth agreement, expanding partner company support programs and coexisting with partner companies in making the best effort to become an exemplary company in shared growth.

  • Four Subcontracting Guidelines
    Signing agreement with partner companies, new registration and operational improvement
  • Support with Funds
    Financial support for partner companies’ working capital and facility investments
  • Operational Support
    Technical support for partner companies, consolidation of technical competitiveness, and support for training and capability improvement
  • Operation of Customized Programs
    Operation of various partner company-centered support programs
  • Communication with Partner Companies
    Promotion of mutual cooperation and exchange with partner companies

Operation of a Shared Growth Agreement System

HYUNDAI STEEL has received evaluation on the specifics of its partnered growth support for its partner companies on the partnered growth agreement each year, since it joined the Korea Fair Trade Commission's program in 2011. HYUNDAI STEEL is diligently fulfilling the partnered growth agreement, expanding partner company support programs and developing plans to strengthen competitiveness through coexistence with the partner companies.

Program for Strengthening Partner Company's Competitiveness

At HYUNDAI STEEL, we believe our strong partnerships with partner companies are the key to shared growth, so we offer a wide range of shared growth programs for them to strengthen their viability. We are also promoting technology reinforcing programs such as support and protection of technology development and quality improvement guidance, while also developing various channels for effective communication with partner companies. In addition, the company is operating a diversified financial support program for upgrading management stability and strengthening the competitiveness of partner companies.

Practicing Transparent & Ethical Management

At HYUNDAI STEEL, the Cyber Audit Team oversees company-wide transparent transactions in line with the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Employee Ethics as provided on its website. In addition to disclosing the purchase-related ethical management policy, we have a suggestion box for practicing ethics and transparency and use electronic bidding systems for contracts and outsourcing.