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Stainless Steel(STS)

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Stainless Steel (STS)
Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet with Corrosion Resistance and Wear Resistance The world 'stainless' in stainless steel means 'not getting rusted' or 'not having rust'. It has far better corrosion resistance and wear resistance compared to common steel by adding chromium and nickel alloy elements, and with beautiful surface, is used in various industrial fields including interior/exterior finishing materials in construction, elevators, kitchen appliances and automotive parts. HYUNDAI STEEL manufactures stainless cold rolled steel plates at Incheon Works and makes stainless hot rolled steel plate products by rolling at room temperature in customer-required thickness.

Product Classification/Uses

  • Construction
    Used as interior/exterior finishing materials of buildings, the product boasts excellent corrosion resistance and fingerprint resistance along with beautiful surface. Variously shaped products are manufactured through surface processing such as coloring on the surface of cold rolled stainless steel sheet surface.

    - Major Products
    304, 430
  • Home Electronics and Kitchen
    Used as interior/exterior finishing materials for home electronics and kitchen utensils requiring sanitation, the product characteristically has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is normally used for TV frame, inner panel of washing machine, tableware, etc.

    - Major Products
    304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430
  • Automotive Industry
    Used for muffler and fuel tank of automobiles, the product has excellent oxidation resistance of enduring sulfur in exhaust gas and fuel. As for automobiles involving a lot of deep drawings, the product characteristically demonstrates excellent formability.

    - Major Products
    304, 430, 439, 439L

Product applications

  • [Interior and exterior finish materials for construction]

  • [Elevator]

  • [Washing machine]
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