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Win-Win Growth Program

Interest support of SMEs' loan

The investment funds are provided at low interest rates for managerial stability, quality improvement, and productivity upgrade for partner companies against their deposits with financial companies.

Depositing funds into Accompanied Growth Fund (HYUNDAI STEEL-Commercial Bank) > Recommendation request (HYUNDAI STEEL-Partner Company) > Issue of letter of recommendation (HYUNDAI STEEL-Loaning Agency) > Credit Rating evaluation (Partner Company-Loaning Agency) > Execution of loan (Loaning Agency-Partner Company) > Creation of Fund Interest (Commercial Bank)

Improvement for payment method

To reduce the burden of factoring costs incurred by SMEs(small and medium-sized enterprises) when acquiring bonds issued by Hyundai Steel for payment purposes, Hyundai Steel issues special bonds.

Support for expansion of SMEs's creditline

Hyundai steel company provide various support to suppliers to increase their financial credit line.

Early payment for delivery

To help SMEs(small and medium-sized enterprises) secure liquidity, Hyundai steel company pay early rather than the designated payment date.